Dermaplaning Tool - (9 Count)


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Dermaplaning Tool - (9 Count)

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Innovative Dermablades For Home Use

Avoid having to frequently book EXPENSIVE appointments with a dermatologist or esthetician.  Its easier than ever to give yourself a dermaplane facial at home to rejuvenate your skin.  The process is  incredibly low-key and convenient using our dermatology grade blades.  

This 9 pack of sharp razors are designed for use by both men and women to delicately and safely shave unwanted hair while exfoliating the skin, resulting in improved overall texture and tone. Add them to your skin care routine for achieving a whole host of benefits.


✔ BYE-BYE PEACH FUZZ – Quickly remove any facial hair in minutes. The small, foldable blade makes it practical and easy to safely transport the razor in any purse, pocket, bag so it is there to use whenever a touch-up is required.

✔SKIN EXFOLIATION - The blade has an exfoliating effect as it gently removes dead skin cells and thus provides a clean base for applying your makeup and cream to get your DAZZLING look and feel!

✔ SUPER EASY TO USE AT HOME – The precision shaver blades easily removes unwanted hair on all area’s of the face whether it’s the eyebrown, forehead, cheeks, lips and chin. It helps refine, freshen and revive the appearance of your skin.

✔ SAFE AND EFFECTIVE TO GET YOUR GLOW – Do not worry about sensitive skin. The non-invasive dermablade hair remover is the safest for personal home skin care use and by beginners for face , eye brow, upper lip areas.

✔ EASY STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE – We will email you our practical ebook that provides simple instructions on how to use this kit to achieve maximum results quickly.


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Step 1. Wash your face

Cleanse with a gentle cleanser to ensure all makeup and oils are removed from the skin. Rinse and dry your face.

Step 2. Apply a gel, face oil or lotion. 

Apply a thin layer of a gel, face oil or lotion on your face.  We recommend a sweet almond, apricot or jojoba oil to allow for blade to glide easier on the skin with less irritation.

Step 3. Downward strokes

Wet the dermaplaning blade in warm water and then start with downward strokes – start shaving with the hair growth. Use short strokes at a 45-degree angle. Don’t forget to use a mirror as face shaving blindly is not really a good idea!

Step 4. Rinse and repeat

Rinse the dermablade frequently. Make your way through the different sections of your face. You will see dead skin cells and fine hairs on it.

Step 5. Repeat again

Once done, go over your face again, this time against the hair growth which will provide a greater exfoliation.

Step 6.  Splash and cool off

Finish off by splashing your face with cool water and pat dry.

Step 7. Apply face serum

Immediately after dermablading is when skin is most receptive to skincare and topicals.   It is more permeable than normal because of the pathways the procedure has created.  Apply your favorite serum to the skin.  The exfoliated skin paves an easier path for the nutrients to absorb into the skin for maximum benefits. 

Will using the dermaplaning tool hurt?

No, using the tool should not hurt when used correctly. It is important to use short gentle strokes at a 45-degree angle on the area you are removing hair from. If you experience any discomfort or are not removing the hairs after one pass, hold the skin taut so the blade has a firm, even surface to glide upon.  The blade is sharp so use with caution.

Can I use this on sensitive skin?

Yes, you can use this if you have sensitive or delicate skin. But remember to use it correctly at the right angle (45-degrees) and with the right amount of pressure.   It will feel a stroking sensation as if you are combing the skin.

What part of my body can I use this dermaplaning razor?

It is best used for removing unwanted facial hair (chin, upper lips, peach fuzz, sideburns) and also shaping the eyebrows (using it above, below, and between the brows).  It can also be used to remove hair on fingers and toes, back of the neck (especially between hair cuts), bikini line and any stray hairs you find. You can also straighten out the hairline.

Can this tool be used by men and women?

Yes, it is a unisex tool that removes bristly and fine hair.

Can I use this on a tattoo?

It is totally okay to use on top of a tattoo. In fact, we encourage that.  By removing the hair and exfoliating the skin where the tattoo is, it will make the area shine without dull skin and hairs.

What is the difference between the eyebrow razor and the dermaplaning razor?

The main difference is that the eyebrow razor has a compact and coarse blade whereas the dermaplane razor blade is finer.

Are the blades reusable?

Just as with a shaving razor, you can use the blades until they become dull or replace every 2-3 months. 

Will dermaplaning cause hair to grow back thicker?

No your hair will not grow back thicker.  Check out the common myths section on our blog for additional info.

How often should I dermaplane?  

As a guide, every 1-2 weeks. 

What is the blade made of?

Durable stainless steel.

How do I care for the tool?

After each use, wipe the dermablade with a dry cloth or tissue to remove dead skin cells and hair.

How can I get access to the ebook? 

After order completion, you will receive an email with a link to access to the ebook.  If you did not receive this, please contact us with your order number to receive your copy. 

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